We develop efficient inspection machinery and technology for the hollow glass industry.

EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Glass Industry - DIMCO

Dimensional inspection for glass containers

DIMCO is a modular equipment for the Glass container  inspection, the equipment was developed  to be used  in the laboratory and in the statistical control of production lines.  DIMCO was designed to inspect a wide variety of different containers and offers a modular design to suit the specific needs of each client.

EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Glass Industry - MATI

Automatic impact testing of glass containers

It offers the possibility to carry out  the impact test automatically, applying a force on glass containers to evaluate their resistance to breakage.

EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Glass Industry - AMIB

Representation of the internal profile of the glass container

The AMIB equipment has been designed for data collection from inside the bottleneck and the representation of the internal profile.

EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Glass Industry - AGEVO

Device for wall thickness control in glass containers

AGEVO is a technological solution with different commercial components to achieve a standard solution for wall thickness inspection in glass containers.

Some of our outstanding
engineering projects

EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - heye

Heye International representatives for the Iberian Peninsula.

Heye Machines

EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Heye

IS Machines

 Our IS machines are outstanding in production speed and flexibility. High speeds with consistently high quality are standard with us. Short conversion times and quick job changes are what sets us apart

EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Heye

Inspection Equipment

Quality continues to become more and more important. Producers of consumer goods care about the quality and consistency of their brand on a global level. Product safety and purity are major issues.

We offer you the solutions to ensure your production quality!

EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Enginyeria

Ware Handling

The ware handling equipment from Heye International has been setting market standards for years. Continuous improvement, combined with the latest technology, means high value for our customers.

EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Enginyeria

GOB Forming

Heye International sets the benchmark in gob forming. Latest Siemens servo technology combined with process intelligence and precise assembly of the equipment. Multi gob weight / assortment production can be integrated to increase flexibility in production. Ease of use and low maintenance costs are standard. 

EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Glass Industry

Smart plant from heye

As a pioneer in the development of solutions for the glass industry dedicated to Hot End and Cold End, Heye further developed an intelligent system for the smart glass plant of the future : The PlantPilot.