We develop applications and technological tools for the industrial sector tailored to any company.

EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Engineering

Project development

  • Automation of production lines.
  • Retrofits / Machine upgrades
  • Turnkey projects.
  • All types of sectorial solutions.
  • Development of industrial applications. Creation of prototypes, projects and machines.
  • Mechanical designs. Optimisation and improvement of machines or installations.
EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Programming

Software and PLC Programming

  • Inspection control with  artificial vision.
  • Modernization/ upgrade  of old machinery to current technology.
  • Automation Process.
  • LabView programming.
  • Programming of the main PLC’s on the market, Schneider, Omron, Siemens, Beckhoff, Lenze, CodeSys, Delta among others.
  • SCADA system.
  • PlC migrations.
  • Design of electronic circuit boards.
  • MOTION design and applications.
  • Design and installation of solutions that best matches the customer’s demands: Automation, Drivers, Smart Line.
EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Engineering

Electrical cabinets

  • Design and assembly of electrical cabinets.
  • Verification of the conformity of the electrical material with its documentation.
  • Protection against indirect contacts due to automatic disconnection. Verification of disconnection conditions.
  • Insulation resistance tests.
  • Voltage tests.
  • Protection against residual voltages.
  • Delivery of test results to be attached to the CE certificate.
  • Electrical drawings design

EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Mechanical Design

Mechanical design

  • Design of mechanical solutions through our mechanical department. 
  • Design and production of mechanical   parts. 
  • Delivery of designs. 
  • Development designs for   solutions and applications .
  • Technical drawing office, using SolidEdge.
  • Machine upgrades.
  • Study of small and large projects.
  • Technical advice on industrial and engineering solutions.
EMC - Electromanteniments Castellar - Engineering

Industrial maintenance and installations

  • Industrial electrical installations.
  • Qualified technicians for any installations.
  • Preparation of electrical drawings
  • Troubleshooting.
  • We extend installations and/or design new ones.
  • Mechanical and electrical installations.
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance.
  • Preventive maintenance planning: organisation and tasks


We are a Bechhoff
Solution Provider

Beckhoff offers open systems for automation, based on PC control technology, we are a Bechhoff Solution Provider. 

Beckhoff implements open automation systems using PC-based control technology. The product range covers the following main segments: industrial PCs, I/O and fieldbus components, drive technology and automation software. Product series are available for all segments, which can be used as individual components or function collectively as a complete, harmonised control system. Our philosophy “New Automation Technology” stands for universal, industry-independent control and automation solutions, implemented in the most diverse applications worldwide, from CNC-controlled machine tools to intelligent building control.